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It looked like it was going to storm. That was the theory, at least. The clouds had darkened, and Jamie was pretty certain he had heard thunder rolling in from the south. To be honest, he was quite excited. He loved thunderstorms - They were relaxing to watch. Sophie hated them as a rule, but Jamie always was a little different. 

Silently, the brunette pushed open his windows and sat himself down on the window seat, watching the clouds roll through the sky. His sketch pad rested in his lap, and absent-mindedly, the brunette began to doodle, before he paused, as the sky light up with a flash of lightning, and a smile crossed his face. He really did like storms. 

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*Jamie blinked softly as he stared back at the boy and he had to admit the similarities were… eerie* Agreed… *He returned the same tentative smile and chuckled awkwardly. A nervous habit of his was to rub at the back of his neck or head but as he lifted a hand to do so he became aware that it was the same thing this… look-a-like had done. Quickly Jamie lowered his hand* Um, hey, nice to meet you. *More awkwardness*

You’re not going to tell me your name is Jamie, are ya? *The brunette’s tone was playful, trying to make a joke of the situation and keep it light hearted*

At the mention of his name being Jamie, the brunette offered a semi- nervous laugh, shrugging his shoulders. “Afraid so. Jamie Bennett, if we’re being exact. So…Lemme guess, this has to be either a cloning or some inter-dimensional rift, right? I mean, there can’t be two of us otherwise.. That makes no sense.” Then again, a lot of things in Jamie’s life didn’t make sense, but if he was being honest, this was by far the strangest thing he had ever seen. 

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((Going to assume he’s in his room xD))

The winter spirit hummed as he kicked his feet against the ground underneath him, dirt flying up in the air before the wind blew it off in different directions. He had no idea what he was doing here in Burgess, but he knew he wasn’t going to stay long—and he wanted to do something before he would leave.

Jack narrowed his eyes and allowed the wind to pick him up off the ground, floating up to one of the roofs near him before he walked to a different one, heading to a certain place. Once he got to the house he was looking for, he lowered down to his knees and grasped onto the edge of the roof. He moved forward and hung his upper body upside down as he looked through a window - spotting a boy inside of the room he was looking into and he smirked as he knocked on the glass… trying to grab his attention.

(( Seems about right XD ))

Jamie was concentrating on his sketch, eyebrows furrowed, outlining the face he remembered so clearly in his mind - like the fight had been yesterday, not several years ago. So lost was he in his work, that for a moment, he didn’t even register the knock on the window. When it finally became apparent to him, his head snapped up, and his eyes widened as he spun in his chair towards the window. 

His face lit up like a child on Christmas Day, and almost immediately, he threw his sketchpad to the side, running to the window and fumbling with the latch, before opening up the window wide, a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Jack! You came back!" he laughed, feeling somewhat breathless. 

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She bit her lower lips when she tried to get up on her shaky legs. Being used to float around, using her legs in the air just to give to her body a dash, it was hard for her using her legs to stand up straight on the ground. She used the wood of the tree as a support as she was trying to keep herself still. 

See? It’s not that hard! she said to herself, opening her arms to balance her body. There was the little catch of her clothes, not so usual to see, but she tried not to think about it. Even though, she knew that there weren’t many people wearing a dress made by frozen leaves. 

When her eyes wandered for the park, she saw a boy. He was just looking at her and for a moment she thought he saw the moment when she was changing. She waved shyly to him, the other hand still gripping to the wood, a nervous smile on her lips. 

Jamie was silent for a moment longer, rubbing the back of his neck, before he offered the woman a smile, and slowly made his way over to her. Best thing to do was act natural, right? Maybe when she was a little more relaxed and they were talking, he’d be able to bring it up without sounding too crazy if she was just a normal girl and he had been seeing things. 

"Hello!" He greeted with a smile. "Are you okay? You look like you’re having a little bit of trouble there… need a hand or something?" he offered, rubbing his arms awkwardly. 

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Everything ached. Why did it all ache? What had he been doing? 

Remember Jack. Remember. 

Brown eyes slowly opened, blinking blearily and squinting at the harsh sunlight which shone down upon him. Head pounding, the brunette stumbled to his feet and mumbled a soft curse to himself, shaking his head to clear it. His eyes locked upon the familiar surface of his lake, though.. something felt different - he simply couldn’t place it. 

Frowning to himself, the brunette turned away, and his breath caught in his throat, slowly taking a step back. 

What in the name of the Lord?

This was NOT Burgess. 

Swinging his skates over his shoulder, Jamie huffed out a cold cloud of air, taking a moment to check that no one was around before he let out a longer breath, moving his head around as though he was pretending to be a dragon. 

The motion caused him to laugh quietly, and soon he was closing in on the lake. He paused however, noticing a boy who looked.. somewhat familiar - with an expression of pure panic evident on his face. Concern washed over him almost immediately. 

Quickly moving over to the brunette, Jamie looked at him eyebrows furrowing. “Hey… Listen, are you okay?” He had to note - the boys clothes were.. strange. Very out of the period - nothing he had ever seen before. He rubbed his forehead somewhat, and it wasn’t until his eyes really focused on the other’s face, that understanding dawned upon him, and his mouth fell open in shock.


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Dave was walking down the hall when Jamie almost knocked into him, jerking back a bit. He smiled at the apology, “It’s okay man, no  harm done. You have to keep your head out of the clouds a little, it’s dangerous when you don’t.” He teased.

Jamie chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head, smiling sheepishly and apologetically. “Yeah…I’ve kind of been told that a lot, to be honest. I’m just finding it hard to do so. Sometimes it feels like my head belongs in the clouds.” he shook his head. “Sorry though - won’t happen again.”

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A rejoicing sound came out from her mouth, when she made a flip in the air, wandering over a town. She flew among the cars in her natural form, leaves floating all around when she passed. 

She landed then in the park, behind a tree as she was taking fast her human form, making sure no one could see her.

She loved parks. Actually, she loved hearing the laughters of the children.
Since she didn’t use to walk, she landed roughly on the grass, on her knees. She looked around, the same bright smile on her lips. 

Being an artist, Jamie saw the detail in everything around him - the smallest things were noticable to him. Amber eyes roved about, searching for something interesting to draw and sketch, when he saw something that made him pause, before his eyes widened somewhat. 

Just behind a tree, hidden from most, though not from where he sat, a woman was.. appearing. She hadn’t been there before. Curiosity outweighed all else at the moment, and he stood up. Perhaps she was a spirit, like Jack! The thought caused excitement to rise up in him, and he was soon moving towards her, before he paused. What was he supposed to say? Excuse me, ma’am, I just saw you appear out of thin air? 

That was sure to make a wrong impression. 

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It had been a long time since Jamie had last seen Jack Frost - Jamie missed him. It was strange how you could grow attached to someone so quickly, but somehow Jamie had felt closer to the frost spirit than he had the guardians - though he loved them too. But he never understood why Jack had refused the Guardianship - it was something that he never understood. 

Absently, Jamie pulled a knee to his chest, leaning his sketchpad on it, and began to draw, biting down on his bottom lip somewhat. He wondered if Jack would ever come back, as he sketched, and he sincerely hoped that he would. He would just have to wait and see, apparently. 

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It was quite a breezy day, which surprised Jamie immesenely. He didn’t mind the wind - it made him think of Jack, and the brief time they had flown together, during the battle with Pitch. His lips turned upwards at the thought, and he stuffed his hands into his pockets, letting out a soft breath of air. 

Lightly, Jamie sat down on a bench in the local park, pulling a small pencil out of his pocket and toying with it slowly, letting out a soft, thoughtful hum.